Week 2: Aug. 12-16

posted Aug 9, 2013, 6:45 PM by Michael Reilly
This week might change on the availability of software.  Be patient, it will be good.  Let's assume it doesn't happen for the plan this week, but change if we get it.

Please turn in your attempt at outlining your song.  It should identify the starting and stopping measures for different sections: intro, A, B (they can repeat), outro, maybe even bridge.  For each type of section, describe the music/sounds that make up that section.

We spend some time in the MIDI lab!  Mr. Lawless or Mr. Reilly will be showing you the basics of an iMac machine and some great recording/creating software.

We will most likely not have logins individually yet, so use 528000001 for both login and password for the machines.  

You will receive more details near midweek, but you are going to be evaluated on the main topics of one of the softwares we start off with on Monday, or music theory.