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Notes and Assignments

Class notes and links will be posted here, as well as assignments given that day.  Check often!

Dec. 9-13

posted Dec 12, 2013, 4:32 AM by Michael Reilly

Work on that performance final, it's due 12/12!

If you have time, review this Unit 1 and 2 multiple choice test, these and similar questions will be on your Final.  All topics will be evaluated, but the first half (this test) is more heavily weighted.  This can replace your old MC test grade.

Dec. 2-6

posted Dec 2, 2013, 4:17 AM by Michael Reilly

Finish that Performance Final.  Here's the link.

It is due to be uploaded by Dec. 12.  The end of that week, on Dec. 12, we will vote on the class favorites to send on to Richard Devine.

If you are done before Friday, we'll grade it together.  Remember, this is 10% of your grade.

Then, we study for the multiple choice final next week.  For those who bombed the multiple choice midterm, this test can replace that grade!

One other thing:  this week we will be doing a survey for Georgia Tech.  Click here to fill it out please.  Use your student ID number as your number.

Nov. 18-22

posted Nov 17, 2013, 12:40 PM by Michael Reilly

I will be out Mon-Wed, but this is time you should spend on your Performance Final.  Where is it?  Right here!  Click here for your Performance Final outline.

Thursday I will return to demonstrate a new technique that you might choose to use, custom effects on sound called the Unit Generator.  Feel free to read ahead.

Friday I will review "Recursion", one of the most powerful things about computing, and it can do some wild stuff with music (as well as boring but necessary stuff really fast).

When we return from Thanksgiving, you will only have 8 school days to finish this Performance Final, there are no later days possible.  That means get started now!

Nov. 11-15

posted Nov 11, 2013, 4:16 AM by Michael Reilly

I hope you all enjoyed the lesson on Sonification last week.  It's kind of cool to tie the visual world with music.  And of course you learned about "multidimensional array analysis", which a big way of saying using 2-dimensional arrays to see what a picture sounds like.

This week, we are teaching our computers how to listen to music, then do something with it.  Here's a link to that tutorial.

Your goal:  to utilize 2 of the MIR (music information retrieval) methods and/or analysis features to make musical decisions.  This is due Wednesday.

A detailed rubric can be found here.   We will review how to use and play with the analysis methods, you can see the list on the API page.

If you finish this early, check out our next step: Sorting

Nov. 4-8

posted Nov 3, 2013, 11:13 AM by Michael Reilly

Hope you enjoyed that last project.  During the week you will get your grades for them, and we can talk about how that will replace any old grades that cover similar content.

In short, this can take a picture, convert it to code, and you can use that code to create music based on the picture!   See my examples below.  Click on this link for a subpage that holds the simplest code example possible.

We will be working in teams on this one, and we are going to cover one major concept a week at this point.  Be ready to show YOUR use of an image in code this week, whether you choose to do this alone, or with a partner/group.  Upload this with the tag "LHSSonify" and description of "My Sonify".  You can include a partner's name in the description.

Oct. 28-Nov. 1

posted Oct 27, 2013, 5:28 PM by Michael Reilly

Yup, November is here.  That means about 4 weeks until Thanksgiving Break (including this one), then 2 weeks after that before final exams.
Which means this:  time to catch up now!  If you're not doing well, don't ask me in December, ask now.

This week we will be doing another big project.  In fact, this is your most important.  Why?  Because it includes a few new things, but also all of the old things.  This grade can replace any old grade, if you did that part correctly.  The first part can replace all of Big Project 1, and the rest can replace Big Project 2.

Before we get into the review, two more new things:
- Using randomness, in a couple of ways
- Organizing everything, especially with comments and functions.

Then, we will list the topics that will be on your exam, and probably start the exam Wednesday.  There will be no retake on this, so let's take this seriously.

Oct. 21-25

posted Oct 20, 2013, 4:02 PM by Michael Reilly

Last full week of October, the year of 2013 is flying by!

Monday - We will make sure that all List Beat and List Beat 2 projects are submitted.  Then we will review how to put your List into a function, and we can then use your list of beats in any range of measures we want. We will also review how you can refer to items in a List directly, and not just using beat strings.

Tuesday - One effect we skipped earlier in the year was rhythmEffects.  Since you've covered Lists, now you're ready for it.  Today we will have you review that function, and implement your own effect with a list of effect values.  The complete list of effect values would be helpful, click here.

Wednesday -  You will have a more formal project to accomplish for rhythmEffects. Here it is:  My Rhythm 

Thursday -   Now that we have Lists, how about using those items randomly?  Get a bunch of audio clips together that are similar in nature, then we're going to use simple techniques to play them randomly.  

Friday - Let's add some funk to this Friday.  

Oct. 15-18

posted Oct 14, 2013, 1:49 PM by Michael Reilly

A short week, but lots to do.

First, this is the LAST day to repair any information for submitting projects.  If they don't use the write description and tags, I simply can't search for them anymore.  Then, we move on.  Today is the LAST DAY for updating the description for the project (the one on the project webpage, not the one in the code), the tags for the project, and to make sure it's labeled for the Lanier High Community.  

AND, Tuesday is the day to retake that multiple choice test!  It's been revised to a 20-question exam, answer all of them.

Where now?  To Lists!  This is where a LOT of creativity will come in for a lot of you.  The first goal is to just make a list of different drums or other sounds, your choice.  Just make them similar.  Then we will discuss how a list is organized, and how you can use a list to make a very cool custom beat.

Click here for the List Beat 2 rubric  (yes, do both List Beat AND List Beat 2)

After we cover the basics of Lists, we will use Lists with Functions (we'll talk about this Friday).

Oct. 7-11

posted Oct 6, 2013, 2:47 AM by Michael Reilly

We pick up where we left off last time, with Functions.

Like I presented in last week's lesson, a function is like a recipe.  It's most effective when it can be used over and over, but it is also effective to keep your ideas organized into one group.

We will review that again, but Monday we will move into a new project (Project 3a), and bring back the concept of Effects.  This is where a computer can really enhance your musical production.

Let's try to make as much of our code included in a function as possible from this point on.  It's easier to review, update or repair that way.

Once we have Functions down, around Wednesday or Thursday we will be moving into Lists, which many of you have wanted since seeing those "HipHop Beats" with the 1s and 2s instead of just 0 + -

Sept. 30 - Oct. 4

posted Sep 29, 2013, 3:32 AM by Michael Reilly

Okay, so we had to adjust our schedule last week to accommodate the 11th grade testing.  It just pushed us back a day.
This week:

Monday: all "Big Project 2" should be submitted, done, in.  We will review some good projects, some core concepts, and prep for your multiple choice test on Tuesday.

Tuesday: the multiple choice test

Wednesday: we move on to Functions.  Instead of repeating makeBeats, you learned about loops.  Well, instead of repeating your sections A and B over and over, we will write something called Functions which do something similar.  They are like a recipe of ingredients that you can call up and use.  Here's a link to that "recipe" explanation for Functions (click here).  Also, here is the EarSketch website link for this topic:  click here.

Thursday: we will be practicing more with Functions.  Let's clarify the terms "call" and "define" for Functions.  We will do a "snippet" exercise:  simply define one function, and call it.  It should use at least one fitMedia.  Then we build on it:  use a fitMedia AND a makeBeat in a function.  Feeling confident? Include a loop and/or conditional statement!

Friday: as is habit, Friday we will see where we are at with functions.  We might push forward, we might review, Project03a awaits....

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