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Week of Nov. 3-7

posted Nov 5, 2014, 5:16 AM by Michael Reilly
Did you vote?  Old enough to vote?  My first vote ever was for Ronald Reagan and Senator Bill Bradley.

  • Monday - catch up day.

  • Tuesday - Election Day!

  • Wednesday - We start Python and HipHop!  http://earsketch.gatech.edu/ - by the end of the day, you should be able to know how to make a "variable" which is really a short name for your sound clip, and know how to use fitMedia and the 4 "parameters" that are in the parentheses.  The 4 things are:  music, track, start, stop

  • Thursday we will review the basics.  You need to do 2 little surveys, then we will review a couple of other essentials:  how to create accounts to save what you make, what those automatic lines of code mean, changing the tempo to match your beats, how to use decimals in the parameters for measures, and how to add comments.   **When creating your online account, make sure to select "Lanier High School" as your community

  • Friday you should save a composition that includes at least 4 different sounds on 4 different tracks, at least 8 measures long, using good variable nicknames for the loops and at least one track that uses decimals for measures.  
    • When ready to upload, choose Options > Share (you might have to scroll down to see Share)
    • Don't include any spaces or weird characters in the name of your project.
    • After you share, it will let you edit the info, click on that message.
    • Go into the "Media" site, and update your project with the tag "LHS1415P1", and check out other's code!
    • Please edit your online profile and join the "Lanier High 2014-2015" community

Here are some links for the EarSketch stuff: