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Week of Nov. 17-21

posted Nov 17, 2014, 4:53 AM by Michael Reilly
I am actually here all week, so let's get to work!

Monday: let's listen to some of the submitted work.  Your assignment from Friday was supposed to be online, so let's listen!

Pacing:  after review of projects on Monday, let's get started with section 3.1:  For Loops.  For those who hated to copy and paste makeBeat, you have been saved!

Tuesday we'll make sure "For Loops" are solid, then maybe introduce "3.2 Conditional Statements".  These are very logical "if this, then this" type of thinking, but they are the core idea behind computing.  In fact, this week is probably the most central to everything else you'll do:  repeat things, or decide things.

Wednesday will be a multiple choice quiz, followed by a mini-project that reviews loops and conditionals, due Thursday. (It used to say Friday, but everyone is finishing fast.)

Thursday we will review variations to the conditional ("if").  Also, some of you have asked about using setEffect for only part of a song.  We will jump ahead to Unit 4 (we will come back to Unit 3), and show setEffect with envelopes.  Friday we will actually do a "hear and tell" of beats you have heard, and we will clarify and have fun before next steps.
Michael Reilly,
Nov 19, 2014, 5:08 AM