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Week of Jan. 20-23

posted Jan 18, 2015, 9:19 AM by Michael Reilly
Okay, we started last week with Unity.  Just about everyone got something working.  However, I am not confident that Part 2 is within reach right now.

(And check out your grades.  Get those NTIs done!)

SO, I talked to a few of you about options, and we're going to save what we have done so far.  Then, we're going to try something new, but simpler.
We're going to make PONG!

A great site with some very clear tutorials is noobtuts.com.  We're going to follow their PONG tutorial:

There is one error with their code regarding the ball bouncing off of the paddle.  I have a fix for it.  You do NOT have to use their art, in fact, you should add your own flavor to at least the ball and paddles immediately.  You can even add a background.

So, Tuesday, you should be able to finish PONG, customized.  

Wednesday we will review the code from both games so far, and finish up PONG.
  • C - ball moving, bouncing off of walls and rackets, rackets can move by user
  • B - add custom art for ball and rackets and have bounce off of rackets, etc.
  • A - add custom art for ball and rackets AND do something else cool

Also, you are either in CDAT, or not.  If you are in CDAT, you should have submitted a site to our Project 4 list (if you didn't, what are you waiting for?).  If you are NOT in CDAT, you are going to do your own project.  

Thursday a quiz on this so far. Then, we will review start scene, win scene, lose scene, instructions scene, and maybe more.  Before you know it, you'll have your own custom PONG game by the end of a short week!

Friday, you officially start your independent project.  Here's the timeline/guidelines document.