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Week of Jan. 12-16

posted Jan 11, 2015, 2:35 AM by Michael Reilly
You had a great start to Jetpack Joyride last week!  We're going to continue with it this week.  You will see some things are simple and repetition, but others will be new and tricky.  My top rule in coding:  it is better to be working than be pretty.
  • Monday:  we will review the code, "inheritance", rigidbody, colliders and other terms from Part 1, then you finish it
  • Tuesday: finish part 1, then start another project with your own art and make that work for all of the steps on part 1 before you start Part 2.
  • Wednesday: quiz on Part 1 terms, code, and more.  
  • Thursday: try to finish up your custom Part 1 with your art.  Use the same code, just try to name it more appropriately.
  • Friday: let's play "show and tell" on our custom versions, we will take a look at what Part 2 covers.
Just to be clear on how this is going to be graded:  quiz grade, grade for Part 1 as shown on tutorial, grade for YOUR Part 1 version with custom art and modified code.  It's a triple!