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Week of Feb. 2-6

posted Feb 1, 2015, 8:34 AM by Michael Reilly
First, I'm hoping it's a week that will relish a Patriot victory (like Tom Brady, I went to Michigan, don't we look alike?).  If not, bummer....

  • Monday - I will be at the ISC at a very long meeting.  Tomorrow, Tuesday, I will be checking your plans for the week.  See my post from last week for the rubric on how it will be evaluated.
  • Tuesday - keep working!  As I grade your plans for the week, I want to know how it went last week.  For those who did not do their part, that should be noted on the "reflection" for last week, and that person will receive a lower grade for the project.  If they haven't apologized to their team and picked up more work, they can be fired, and do their own project, their own grade, starting now.
  • Wednesday - Friday:  finish that project, there will be NO work time Monday, it's for "show and tell"  
  • PS - I won't be here Friday either, I'm presenting at a Science Teacher's Conference (yup, crazy party, you know it), so ask me questions before that, no excuses of "but you weren't here".