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Week of Feb. 18-20

posted Feb 18, 2015, 4:32 AM by Michael Reilly
Short week, after a teacher work day and a snow day.

  • Wed., 2/18:  we need to do some work that involves research, no toys, etc.  Today is one of those days.  All of you should do individual research, and submit a printed document that addresses the following standards (these are official standards).  Give specific examples of how it could relate to a career you might be considering.  

  • This is due in class today. Use full sentence, clear ideas, specific examples.  Here are the standards:

    • 2.5 Describe how computing enhances traditional careers, and enables new careers.  How will tech be involved in your career, especially to give you an advantage?  Be specific about YOUR career.

    • 2.6 Research post-secondary options for continuing education in IT field.  (What kind of school, classes after high school might YOU take in technology for your career?)

    • 2.7 Research IT credentials needed and job requirements in various occupations.  What kind of degree?  From where?  Industry certification?

    • 2.8 Describe the impact of having web design skills to build skills for chosen career.  Do you need any at all?  If so, what?

    • 2.9 Explore the game design industry for design, creation, and career options.  Understand the types of jobs in the game industry, or in a career area that YOU are interested in.  Be specific.

Next?  Hardware!  Click here for the assignment.