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Big Project

posted Sep 14, 2014, 3:44 PM by Michael Reilly
Tuesday:  take 2 quizzes, both of which will be on your Photoshop+3DS+HTMLCSS test.  You can take each of these quizzes twice, and you get the AVERAGE of the 2 (you don't have to take it twice if you rock the first time).  Here's the link, go to Classroom Assessments on the top menu, and you will see the 3DS and HTML quizzes.

Most of the students in Technology classes are in CDAT, so you have Project 2 underway.

You will go into greater depth of a technology we have already covered. Your choices are Photoshop, 3DS Max, or Web Development. You can work as 1, 2, or 3 individuals. By choosing, you will choose to learn specific, more advanced features. (I need to locate and list them). You will have 3 weeks to do so. That's not much time, only 15 hours. In addition, you will be evaluated each week on your progress, as I will allocate topics on a weekly basis. You might work faster than the pace.   

You will start by choosing your team, based on your shared Tech interests.  
  • If you're in CDAT, you are working on your team project during this time, so no additional team, no additional site.  You should NOT make a project for me AND a project for CDAT, you should focus on your tasks as part of your CDAT team.  
  • Non-CDAT students:  You will make a Google Site that your team will share for planning.  Yes, it's a grade, and an AKS for this class, click here and see Course Standards 1.5, 2,2, 2.4.  You will put a weekly update, every Tuesday, regarding your team project and who is doing what.  Rubric for weekly team update (tech grade) is here  The first one is due tomorrow, Tuesday, 9/16.  Non-CDAT teams, you won't submit the site, I will simply visually check it.

On Monday, we'll be checking your HTML-CSS sites, both finished pages and individual portfolios.  We will also review for HTML/CSS and 3DS quizzes, which will add up with your Photoshop Quiz for test grade.  Your HTML-CSS sites are also a test grade, so it's a big week.

The rest of the week, you should be focusing on your project.  Listed below are the standards for each software that you need to accomplish.  Choose wisely!

HTML/CSS - You will accomplish all of the topics from the HTML Tutorial, up to and including HTML Symbols OR all of the HTML5 techniques.  You will be asked to verbally explain these techniques, how they work, so don't just copy and paste.

3DS Max - You need to learn one new technique a day.  Here's the official curriculum, we won't count the User Interface Section except Project Folder - http://curriculum.autodesk.com/student/public/level1/digital/software_id/14/category_id//page/1

Photoshop - learn a new technique every day, just like 3DS.  I like http://www.photoshoplady.com/ for their tutorials.  Just be sure to do a similar version # to yours (we use CS5)

Finally, we will be doing some careers, "history of" and other things once in a while.  But this is a time where you can really develop your skills!