Communication - Aug. 10

posted Jul 29, 2015, 4:47 AM by Michael Reilly
We are going to do so many creative things this year, and the goal is to have every at their pace, not following the same thing for all folks.  But, one thing that is so important is communication with each other, and another is safety.  We have so many ways that bad things can happen, much more than a regular class.  We have tools, parts, sparks, fragments, and our communication and safety is so important.

Regarding communication, you need to make sure you do a few things for your first assignments:
  • Set up your Google Apps account - instructions

    • After you start your account, email me with the EXACT message subject of "I did it!" and put your name in the body of the email (Be EXACT!)
    • My email is

  • Create a personal portfolio site using Google Sites - instructions 

  • Submit a link to your portfolio to me via - use this form  (if you are using one from last year, enter the link here please)