Week of Aug. 24

posted Aug 22, 2015, 4:20 AM by Michael Reilly
Should be a fun week!  On Monday/Tuesday, you will take a quiz online in 733 about the basics of gears, motors, ratios, etc. 

By the way, cool article about the Gwinnett County alum who is inspiring this:

He is also a bit famous for this:

Be sure to create and submit your team site for Project 2 - Innovation Nation!! at this link
(a team needs only one site, but EVERY team member needs to submit it so we can find yours faster)

Then, get to 736, and try to build your dragster.  Keep in mind, creating the highest ratio to make a dragster might be too weak to move.  Making a ratio that is super strong might also be slower than a snail.  Find the ideal balance using gears or pulleys.

Do NOT have a motor shaft go directly to a wheel, that will not use any gears.

Also, look up "scrub torque".  It's a good idea to have gears go to both front and back wheels, but it's not necessary.

Later in the week we will talk about how to calculate strength.  However, if you're interested, here are some notes on the topic that I drafted (there could be some typos/errors).