Week of 10/26

posted Oct 25, 2015, 9:32 AM by Michael Reilly
I am going to be out Monday and Tuesday, presenting at a conference at UGA.  During class that day, one more day of Minecraft, but a new assignment.

In pairs (ONE computer, TWO people), you are to use:

Part A:
  • Redstone, 
  • some type of triggers (pressure plates, levers, buttons, repeaters, etc), 
  • and create some type of application (doors, sticky pistons, etc.). 
Part B:
THEN, use comparitors and some type of command block command to make something more complicated.

You can easily "pass" this assignment by doing the Part A components to make something happen.

You can get a B if you use comparitors correctly in an application.

You can get an A if you use command blocks in some type of application.

Also, be sure to visit eClass and look for the Classroom Assessment "Engineers Living and Dead".  It is open to unlimited retakes for practice, so do so!!  You will take the real thing on Wednesday/Thursday after we review it.

Speaking of Wednesday/Thursday, we'll build something!!  Surprise awaits you, but I think it's fun!!