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P3 - Engineering 2

Students in this class will learn engineering by "doing":  you all had experience with VEX robots, and we will still have some available, but now we move on to the big bots, FIRST Robotics.

In general, the first part of your year will be spent virtually designing a retired FIRST robot, every single part and knowing what they do.  Then, we build one.  All of that should get us ready for making a real FIRST robot in January/February as the Inaugural FIRST Robotics team of Lanier High!

In addition, we will be following the syllabus for "Energy and Power", which will give you a 4th Science credit!!!  Each Monday we will review the information to study for the week, then you will work as a team to help each other clarify the contents, give me focused questions, then we test on it.

Students are also encouraged to spend extra hours in our lab as part of our official FIRST Robotics Team and TSA club (http://tsa.lanierhs.org), and possibly earn the right to be a member of the TSA Technology Honor Society http://www.tsaweb.org/sites/default/files/TSA%20TECH%20Honor%20Society%20final.pdf
See the link below for the course syllabus.
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