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Week of Oct. 6-10

posted Oct 5, 2014, 5:59 PM by Michael Reilly
Back to Space Shooter!

Some of you have even finished this, but do you actually understand it?  This week and next we go through this set of tutorials carefully and clearly, so we really understand just about everything, especially the coding.  

To start class each day, watch the respective movies please!
  • Monday we will review the setup of the ship, mesh vs capsule collider, and especially the code that is applied to the ship (movies 1-5, especially 5)
  • Tuesday is primarily reviewing the code, making sure we are all up to this part of the tutorial and understanding code.
  • **Wednesday was supposed to be a quiz on where we've done so far, and a new game that uses the new 3D parts too.  But since I won't be there to clarify, we'll do this Thursday.  Study more PlayerController, or move onto creating the laser and the shooting code.
  • QUIZ Thursday, then we will focus on movies 8 and 9 (Boundaries and Hazards).  3D people, I want to see your objects progress.
  • Friday is going to be about Explosions (movie 10) and maybe Game Controller (movie 11) if we have the brain power.

For our 3D people, make a different ship, a different asteriod.  So many games are the same code, different "skin" (come on, how many different modes of Temple Run have YOU seen!).  Your job is to recreate the objects found in Space Shooter, so coders can create a new game.