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Week of Oct. 20-24

posted Oct 19, 2014, 8:26 AM by Michael Reilly
I'm out Monday and Tuesday, presenting at a conference, sorry!

However, on Monday and Tuesday YOU should do the following:
  • Programmers should complete the Space Shooter tutorial up to movie 108 "Boundary".  This is the code that destroys projectiles after they leave the screen, so the game doesn't lag on unnecessary stuff.  On Wednesday, I should see your ship moving, and shooting bullets of some kind.  Your next quiz will be about this topic.
  • 3D people will be showing their work.  The products you made should be on your portfolio site, and the programmers should be able to get these items from you for their games.
Wednesday we'll review these items, and I should have time to review some of the code and how it works.  Plan on a quiz on this code (any shooting and boundary) on Monday, Oct. 27.

Thursday we will review the code in more depth, and finish up Friday will all programmers using some objects from the 3D modelers.