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Week of Nov. 3-7

posted Nov 6, 2014, 4:29 AM by Michael Reilly
We have Election Day off, so a short week.

You have until the end of next week (Nov. 13, so we can play on Nov. 14) to complete your game.  What does complete mean?

  • It should work.  You can shoot, be hit, explosions, score, keep score, win or lose the game.  We will review "Building" the game for the PC, and review other options.
  • If you'd like the game to play on any computer, the Unity Web Player option is great, otherwise an EXE file.  You will need the support folder that goes with it.
  • You should use the art of a 3D person to create your own look for the shooter.  You can start this process at any time, or replace your objects later.
3D people:
  • You should have a full suite of objects, or their equivalent:
    • Ship
    • Enemy ship
    • Projectiles for you and enemy
    • Asteroid
    • Multiple backgrounds
If you are in EITHER group, you can get an "A" if you do all of the above.  Show me something you learned on your own, a cool thing, and you move up to 100.