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Week of Dec. 1-5

posted Dec 1, 2014, 4:26 AM by Michael Reilly
Last week STEMChallenge teams should have had their team list and concept draft finalized.  I want to see that on Dec. 1 on a team website that will be used as a project site.

Others are doing "Tank Battle".  We will start to review that today, most of you should be finished with it, but now we will review it, and YOU need to add more.  We will discuss that today.

Your "Performance Final" exams:  
  • STEMChallenge people should have a clear storyboard of their game for me.  Your grade will be based on the clarity of your game play and flow.  
  • Tank people should have the game done as instructed, with your own add-ons.  If you just do the tutorial, bad grade.  If you add cool features, the more the better.