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Week of August 18-22

posted Aug 17, 2014, 5:00 PM by Michael Reilly
We are officially underway, most schedule changes are done!

First, we need to clarify timeliness, expectations, and more.  The majority of students did NOT submit portfolios correctly, nor did they post their Photoshop work.  Monday we will demonstrate what is expected, and many of you are fine!  All students need to develop good habits and deliver on time.  
  • We are asking ALL students to resubmit their portfolios, and to identify their class period and subject.  Here's the submit form.
  • And a reminder of the Wednesday Quiz:  fitMedia, variables, constants, setEffect (both versions), beat strings, makeBeat (NOT 'for' looping)

Then, it's on to 3DS Max!  We are going to cover this for about one week, so it's fast and furious.  You will also be posting your final products on your portfolio.

The goal:  watch all of the "Essential Skills" videos that are listed when the software begins.  There are only a few, and they average 3 minutes.  This is less than 30 minutes of time, so watching them, then applying them is pretty simple. (You do NOT have to watch the "Import" movie.)  It leaves hours of class time for individual projects.  Yes, INDIVIDUAL.     This means you can help each other, but you each need a unique final product.  If you want more details about certain features, here's another more complete set of tutorials:  http://curriculum.autodesk.com/student/public/level1/digital/software_id/14/category_id/

If you'd like the software at home, it's free for 3 years!  Go to http://students.autodesk.com and create a free account. Download!  We are using the 2014 version of 3DS Max Design, which is technically listed under the Architecture section.

By Friday you will submit a 3D project on your portfolio.  Don't worry, pretty simple stuff, but opportunity to show off as well.  Here is the project description/rubric.