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Week of 3/9-3/13

posted Mar 8, 2015, 4:18 AM by Michael Reilly
Monday I will be in the building, but will have a sub.  We have visitors from California, so be ready to show your work.

You will have time to practice the quiz on Monday (go to eClass, Classroom Assessments, "Internet and more", the real quiz will be on Tuesday when I'm there, in case of any issues.  While you are taking the quiz, I will be checking your plans for the week.

Mon - Fri you should have a plan for the project and follow that plan.  

Next week we will have a quiz on some other general topic like this one.  All of these quizzes will make up your final.

By the way, regarding certification tests and classes for next year, here's a link to study guides:

The tests we are considering for certification are

Gaming Development Fundamentals, 98-374  - probably easier information

Software Development Fundamentals, 98-361 - has a self-paced study guide that is VERY useful