September 6th - September 30th

posted Sep 5, 2016, 6:51 PM by Mr Becker   [ updated Sep 26, 2016, 10:06 AM ]
Now it is time to create our CDAT STEM Youtube channel.....think about what would you like to explore and do on video, and keep it under 2 and a half minutes.....

You have all been through making a video last year, and this time will be no different.
Groups will be up to 4, where each person has a clearly defined role and responsibility. 

Fill out, print and sign the following team contract  (just like if you were working at a job)

Create a google site for your project, making sure all your group members have full access to the site.

Each team member must submit their portfolio to this link  2016-2017 Portfolio Submission

I will reiterate that you must have your portfolio submitted to this site in order for it to be graded. 

Take your time in class to brainstorm and together as a group write up a treatment.  

Use the following guidelines for your treatment: CDAT Project Treatment Guidelines . 

Here is your timeline for this project

Treatments are due on your project site  9/8 for A day, 9/9 for B day.

Scripts are due on your project site: 9/13 for A day, 9/14 for B day.

Here's an example of a script that times out as 2 minutes      Knowing

Storyboards are due on your project site: 9/15 for A day, 9/16 for B day.

Rough cuts and reviews are due: 9/22 for A day, 9/23 for B day.

Final Videos are due for review to your class: 9/29 for A day, 9/30 for B day.

We will choose final videos to be uploaded to our CDAT STEM Channel for all the world to see!

For those of you that missed it last week, here are some examples of channels out there, we want our own CDAT spin on the process.  Groups will be up to 4, where each person has a clearly defined role and responsibility.

We will poll each class to see if we need to do a refresher on Adobe Premiere, but be advised, script to screen for your video will be approximately 2-3 weeks.

STEMbite_ How trees grow.mp4

STEMbite_ Organic Molecules.mp4

STEMbite_ Plasma Televisions.mp4

STEMbite_ Gear Ratios.mp4

Think of how ours can be different and stand out!