April 19th, 2017

posted Apr 19, 2017, 8:16 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated May 5, 2017, 4:50 AM ]
Your performance final in this class will be your portfolio that I know you all have updated and ready to go.
The portfolio must contain all projects from last semester and the following projects from this semester.
  • First Robotics Steamworks Robot design plan
  • Smash Brother/Relay for Life Site design 
  • the Publix $2 STEM Challenge
  • the Tabletop Hovercraft video 
  • the actual full-sized Hovercraft 
  • Spring CDAT projects
Those of you that did alternative assignments (Science Fair, Makerfest, other alternative assignments) should include them on your portfolio page.

Remember, explain the project, the parameters, the challenges you encountered, and how you overcame the challenges.

You will be marked off for just saying "we built a hovercraft"  You need to fully explain what was going on and what happened.

Next week, we will do some Autodesk Inventor exercises on how to do assemblies that will be applicable for next year's Engineering Applications class.