October 2nd - October 6th

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What factors influence appropriate and ideal locations for a wave generator system, and what mathematics is needed to analyze ocean buoy data?

  •  Investigate the map in the center of the page.
  •  Note that some buoys are red and others are yellow.
  •  Locate a key on the site to identify the significance of the colors.
  •  Which color stations have recent data?
  •  Approximately how many buoys with recent data are located near Australia?
  •  Double click over Australia. Locate the Coral Sea. Click on one of the buoys located in this area.
  •  Note the graph that appears, including the title and labels.
  •  Click on “View Details” at the lower left of the graph.
  •  Click on the picture of the buoy. What kind of buoy is this?

And now for some fun with graphs..... Take the knowledge we have acquired and apply it to the following exercise

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