March 28th, 2018 Scratch 4 Challenge

posted Mar 28, 2018, 6:23 AM by Mr Becker

Scratch 4 Challenge

From the choice board below, choose 4 challenges that you like. Combine the 4 challenges that you have chosen into one original Scratch program that you create. Be sure to add an introductory screen that includes your name and a list of the 4 challenges you have chosen. This should be a simple program, but also creative. Show off your basic Scratch skills, including backgrounds, sprite costumes, movement, broadcast, and more. The more creative the better! This is your chance to show off! When you are finished, drop your project on to your portfolio

Whenever you press the B key, the sprite gets bigger. Whenever you press the S key, the sprite gets smaller.

Whenever the sprites "hears" a loud sound, it changes color.

Whenever the sprite is in the top 25% of the screen, it says, "I like it up here!".

Whenever the sprite touches something blue, it plays a high note. Whenever it touches something red, it hits a low note.

Whenever two sprites collide, one of them says, "Excuse me!".

Whenever the cat sprite gets near the dog sprite, the cat sprite runs away from the dog.

Whenever you click on the background, a flower appears in that spot.

Whenever you click on a sprite, all other sprites do a dance.

The sprite follows the mouse pointer, but it never gets too close to the mouse pointer.

Use NeboMusic to complete some more challenging Scratch activities. Choose one of the following projects from the website to complete:

  • Project #7: Growing Flowers

  • Project #8: Racing Game

  • Project #9: Quiz Game

Quick Reminder: On this website, you will see a variety of projects that are all numbered (Example: Project #1, Project #2, etc). As the number of the project gets higher, the difficulty level of the project also increases. In other words, the higher the number, the harder the project.

When you finish, save your work and submit it to your portfolio.