Final Project 5-9-18 Civil Engineering

posted May 9, 2018, 6:29 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated May 9, 2018, 9:21 AM ]

Minecraft Civil Engineering


City Planning!

We will be using Minecraft as teams to compete in building Minecraft Towns!  It should have specific features, listed in the document below.  You will have approximately 3 full class periods to work on your towns.  Go!

On the student computers, run the Launcher

(S:\LanierHS_528\Student Work\Shared\teched\Becker\minecraftedu\startlauncher.jar)

and choose 'Start MinecraftEd', then connect from the 'Multiplayer' and open to LAN for teammates to be working on it

If this method doesn’t work, select regular minecraft and name your game a unique name.

You WILL respect other teams builds...Put enough space on the map between you and the other teams.  

ANY person found tampering with another teams build in ANY way will receive an F for themselves and team for the unit

and an instant referral to Mr. Grant.

Minecraft Village Challenge

Must include:

  • 5 block min. bridge over creek/valley

  • road/walkway system

  • signs for almost everything

  • stores - food, clothing, tools, mining/materials

  • farming - both crop and cattle

  • crops, barn, house, fences around cattle, no fence necessary around crops

  • living spaces - standalone house, multifloor dwelling (apt, hotel), (needs to support 20 people)

  • housing specs - beds, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, 5 block border around living space

  • What is a kitchen?  separate area with a crafting table and furnace

  • What is a bathroom?  separate area with a water cauldron and hopper

  • What is a bedroom?  separate area with a bed and window

  • lighting

  • town square/common area/park

  • directed water - get water to one central well

  • city hall

  • jail/police/fire

  • public transportation (minecarts?)

  • school/worship center

  • landfill/garbage area

We will look these over together after we are done with the finals and your input will help determine the final grades