IDT Assignments 2017-18

October 16th - October 20th

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October 16th, 2017

We need your help!!

CDAT is looking to expand its physical footprint in order to accommodate our expanding student population.

We are limited to our current location or locations on the 3rd floor.  

What makes sense, what do you want to see in CDAT.  It is about you, after all.

Design and present a new space for CDAT, accommodating what classes we have now and at least 2 new teachers and a 30 x 40 ft Makerspace.  

Don't forget the storage rooms - "T" closet, Toy closet, Engineering Closet, and the Tech closet.
What Square footage will we need for storage?

The stairs, PBX, and restrooms must remain where they are....other the that......

Have measurements, both Imperial and Metric. Have it all mapped out. 

Have justification......have fun, this is the future of your Academy!

Lets make CDAT work for all of us!!

October 10th - October 13th

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We have a Test the end of this week

Link to Test review for Wave Power

Oct. 11 Update

A little practice with Microsoft Excel....

October 2nd - October 6th

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What factors influence appropriate and ideal locations for a wave generator system, and what mathematics is needed to analyze ocean buoy data?

  •  Investigate the map in the center of the page.
  •  Note that some buoys are red and others are yellow.
  •  Locate a key on the site to identify the significance of the colors.
  •  Which color stations have recent data?
  •  Approximately how many buoys with recent data are located near Australia?
  •  Double click over Australia. Locate the Coral Sea. Click on one of the buoys located in this area.
  •  Note the graph that appears, including the title and labels.
  •  Click on “View Details” at the lower left of the graph.
  •  Click on the picture of the buoy. What kind of buoy is this?

And now for some fun with graphs..... Take the knowledge we have acquired and apply it to the following exercise

Update Sept. 27

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Quiz on waves on Sept. 28th and 29th
The following link will allow you to request joining the the FOE 17-18 Quizlet page, where you can study the terms

September 14th - 22nd

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Here's  short video by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) gives a good introduction to waves.

By the end of this video, you should be able to answer the following:

  •  How are ocean waves formed? 
  •  How does wind make waves?
  •  As the wind energy moves through the water, which direction does the water move? 
  •  How is the wind energy transferred from one water molecule to another? 

Wave and Tidal Energy  this document will help if things are unclear

How does a direct current (DC) generator work, and what is the difference between a DC generator and a DC motor?

Do Internet research on how DC generators work, how they differ from DC motors and alternators, then investigate actual DC generators

All students should bring in a plastic water bottle next week ( Sept. 18-20), we will build impellers and see how much power we can generate using a multi meter. 

September 5th, 2017

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This week we are starting a unit based on a project from the Southern Regional Education Board.  This project will shadow the actual CDAT project for the Freshman class, with added components along the way.

A question to kick this off is…….

“What would you miss the most if you went to a school without electricity?’

african school house.jpg

With your group, take 10 minutes and explore this question.  

Come up with a list of at least 5 examples that we will share in the class.

How can we remedy the power situation?  

One solution may be found in the world’s oceans……...

How are Ocean Waves Converted to Electricity?

Making waves: Turning ocean power into electricity

August 21st - September 1st

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First a reminder, those of you in the Foundations/Intro to Digital Tech classes will be taking the SPG in this class on 8-24 and 8-25
Really concentrate on the will take this same exact test in the spring 
(It might even be your final exam!)


Cardboard Furniture Design Challenge

 Due 1st week of May 2017

We are bringing back a popular design challenge from last year!!

You are tasked with designing and building a functional piece of furniture out of recycled cardboard.  You may use duct tape, but only sparingly, and only to connect pieces together. Tape CANNOT be structural in nature.

You do not have to bring your furniture to class.  Send a picture of your furniture be utilized to my email address.  Pictures will be shared with the class.

This project is not mandatory, but will add extra credit to your grade for the year.

You have all seen the "couch" in the back are some other projects from last year

This week we will be taking a look at some Engineers throughout history, but first, what are we talking about?  What is engineering?

Who made the modern age possible? Here are a few of the pioneers Historical Engineers

This is just a few of the people throughout history..... There are many, many more.
Which leads us to your next assignment:

Your job is to make a :60 - :90 second summary (and please feel free to make it fun/funny) of an engineer not yet discussed in class

You can work in groups of up to 3, but all members must contribute. 

(Note that it will be possible for team members to receive very different grades, the more you contribute, the higher your possible grade. I will be keeping track of what I observe during class) 

 It needs to include the basics of your engineer:
  • Name
  • Location
  • Era/Time
  • Biggest accomplishments
  • Type of Engineer
  • Any relationship to other famous engineers
  • Some type of interesting trivia about this person that most folks don't know.
You and your team will present your findings to the class.  You may use any medium at your disposal , but you will be standing at the front of the class to deliver summary.

Your summary will be presented in class 8/31 and 9/1

The biggest error we see students make is thinking they have so much time.  The better thinking is to be done early, make any minor adjustments, and chill out.  Instead, many wait, get stressed out and yelled at, then work really hard at the end.  Sounds like if the same amount of hard work is done early, life is better...

Here's the basic rubric for your presentations:
  • A - excellent information, entertaining format (or at least a strong attempt)
  • B - some flaws in info and/or low attempt at entertainment
  • C - correct info, no attempt at entertainment
  • D - bare bones, obvious lack of research, large pieces of info missing
  • F - nothing

August 14 - 18th

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You should be finishing up your Adobe tutorials this week and feel somewhat comfortable with Photoshop and Premiere.

Now for the business side of things as we ramp up for the year……

We are going to try many creative things this year, and the goal is to have everyone at their pace, not following the same thing for all folks.  But, one thing that is so important is safety.  We have so many ways that bad things can happen, much more than a regular class.  We have tools, parts, sparks, fragments, and your safety is so important.

So, before we use tools, we need to make sure we have safety procedures, because you never know what could happen.  

For example, this girl never thought her hair would be an issue:

Part of safety is organization and clean up.  Leave a razor blade in the wrong place and blood is soon to follow!  We will place a priority on cleanup, as it's not only safe, but saves money! If you work for a company, every tool has it’s proper place!  

We will review safety and cleanup rules, and you will not be permitted to work with tools, equipment and materials until you pass a test on it.

Gwinnett County Safety Powerpoint

Hand and Powertool Safety


This is one reason we wear eye protection when using power tools.  This was last year in our machine room When Sparks Fly!!

You will be tested on the safety concepts, but we will review them again, and add some conditions.

Safety can also be a career! There is money to be made in keeping yourselves and others injury free

Industrial Safety Specialist

US Dept. of Labor  Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

and to lighten the mood, here’s a compilation of safety fails Home Improvement Safety Fails

August 7-11

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Welcome to Introduction to Digital Technology for the 2017- 2017 school year!

Bookmark this page, this is the place to find your assignments and updates weekly!

This first week, we will be concentrating on getting your Google account set up and familiarizing yourself with the different apps your will be using during this class.  

Google Apps exercise

We will also be learning about you, and you just might learn something about yourself!

One of the cool things about CDAT is that your classes in this Academy work together.  Here in Engineering, we support you by getting you in front of a computer and actually using software that will help you get the job done!!

We will start with some Adobe Photoshop CC.  This will help you with creating basic graphics that you might need for projects, papers, websites, and more.  We'll just learn the basics for now,

Go to this website  and start with the section "Learning Essentials" then, if time allows,  you can do the "Getting Started" tutorial

If the videos or downloads don't work on that link, here are two shared Google Drive folders to download the videos and stuff:

Learning Essentials tutorials

Getting Started tutorials

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