Intro To Digital Technology/Foundations of Engineering

Welcome to CDAT!!!

IDT is "Introduction to Digital Technology", pretty much an intro to programming and other software you will use in this class and in your projects!

Other students in CDAT9 (9th grade CDAT) will be taking Foundations of Engineering.  There will be plenty of overlap between the two, so if you're not sure which you'd prefer long term, we'll help you figure that out.

You will have assignments through this website, focused specifically on IDT tasks and skills.  You will also have a project site and calendar for your CDAT projects, which should overlap with this class a LOT!

I will be posting daily/weekly updates on the
subpage of each subject

Your assignments need to be part of your Portfolio.  
Each STUDENT must submit their portfolio 

I can not grade your assignments if it not on your portfolio 

If you have questions, ASK!  If you like something, SAY SO!  If you DON'T like something, let's work to fix it!  CDAT students should speak up, participate, help us constantly improve what we do here.

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