October 11th - October 21st

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Additional Evaluation:

Students will evaluate their bridge project in an Engineering report.

How to write an Engineering report

Report must include, in this order, with each section labeled accordingly.

Title Page:

Contains title of project, name of student, names of team members, date submitted, and

“submitted to” followed by the teacher’s name.


A 250-word-maximum summary of the EDP and conclusions.

Introduction to the Research Question: Introduces the design question, discusses what information

is currently available, addresses the issues, and contains appropriate, reliable, current

resources (from articles, Power Points, Internet research and other sources).

Methods and Materials:

A description of the method used to build and test the device, and the materials in list form.

Design Documentation:

A schematic diagram of the device, with accurate measurements.

Data Analysis and Findings:

Tables, graphs, and/or charts of test data related to the device; statements of the findings.

Discussion and Conclusions:

Discusses the findings, as well as the limitations of the device, and gives suggestions for improvement.

Literature Cited:

All resources cited in the report are listed in alphabetical order by lead author’s last name, using APA style and Easybib software.


Vocabulary that may be new to the report audience is listed and defined for this project in alphabetical order.