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Your semester final in this class will be made up of 2 parts, both worth 10% each of your grade

1.     The quizzes we took during this semester will be combined into one test.  They will be the same exact questions.  
        The quizzes have been opened up on eClass for you to take as many times as you want for practice.  

        The actual test will be on the day your class is scheduled for a final.

2.     Your portfolio should be up to date and include the projects we have done this semester.  Below is the rubric to check what you have against what            is required.  Most of you have been pretty good at keeping them up to date, but be aware, I will not accept any changes after December 16th


Engineering Fall 2016 Final Portfolio Assignment

Due Date:  Dec. 16, absolutely no extension.

The goal: to create a finished website that will be your portfolio for all projects this past year, as well as a place for your future work.  It will not only host samples of each project, but it will also demonstrate the original principles of web design ( good color combinations, etc.) that we saw at the start of the year and we will review again to start this project.

This is your Performance Final, which means it is 10% of your average for the semester!

Technical Requirements:

  • **Note:  you do NOT have to use a template, in fact you probably should NOT use the CDAT templates.  Just have a website with your choice of colors, font, etc., to match the design you want.

  • A home page that welcomes the user to your portfolio, and summarizes your thoughts, reflections about your design and technology in general.  Also include any goals for yourself, and any way CDAT or your technology class has helped you towards those.  Include some type of graphic: a picture or artistic creation that represents you.

  • A page for each project you’ve done.  The page should include the following:

Grading (each shows the maximum points per part):

  • 10 points - Principles of design (C.A.R.P.)-see link above- and  good color scheme.

  • Home page

    • 5 points - Graphic

    • 5 points - Quality text about you, your CDAT and technology experience this semester, your reflections on design and technology and your goals (as mentioned above).

  • Each project page (we will review projects together to verify the list)

    • 2 points - Graphic

    • 6 points - Written Description of WHAT assignment was, WHAT you did to complete the assignment AND Personal Reflection

    • 2 points - Link to the project

  • Points will be deducted for poor spelling or grammar.

  • Points will be deducted for any use of materials you did not create and did not cite properly (put a website address of any pictures you “borrow”).


Most of you have already submitted a portfolio to start the year.  Before Dec.16, you should make this site “Public”.  You CAN build off of a previous portfolio!

Projects you should have on your portfolio:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Storyboard Exercise

  • Your Autodesk Part (you should have saved this to your “H” drive)

  • Bridge Making and Bridge Engineering Report

  • Your theater Book and Tower designs

  • Minecraft Town