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April 25th, 2017

posted Apr 24, 2017, 11:51 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated May 4, 2017, 5:31 AM ]

Portfolios are Due MAY 5th, NO Extensions

What should be on your portfolio:

CDAT Spring Projects
$2 STEM -PUBLIX Makerfair project
Airplane Project
Atlanta Area Mass Transportation Solutions
CO2 Rocket Cars

You only have this class 8 more full periods this year! 

Lets try to "blast" into summer!!

Water Bottle Rockets!  

Bring in empty, clean 2 liter drink bottles.

Lets build Water Bottle Rockets with a deployable parachute system

Here's a basic bottle on YouTube: Homemade AIR POWERED bottle rocket!

Here's a pretty sick one:  2-Stage Water Rocket

And this is fun! Space X return landings!!


You are limited to 3 bottles!

Here is the link for the AC student survey:

March 21st, 2017

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Did you like planes?  Now it's on to cars!

You will then MAKE a CO2 dragster, which we will race!  You need to make the dragster design follow the Technology Student Association rules (see attachment at the bottom).

We will move into the robotics room.  You will team up into groups of 3-4 students.  We will review the basics of dragster terminology, and have you practice drafting some designs.  Use scrap paper first, to practice the types of lines, the measurements, etc.  Your first assignment due is an accurate, scaled, dragster design.

Thurs/Friday we will start practice developing the dragsters, by cutting polystyrene foam blocks according to your diagrams.  You can even practice assembling them, rolling them.

Pay attention to detail!!  The subtleties of design will affect drag, push, and other factors.

(The aerodynamics movie - )

Videos from last year.

See the specs for your car in the below.  We will be adhering to the 2016 specs.

March 7th, 2017

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I hope you enjoyed the airplane exercise. We will discuss the results in class and discuss improvements and enhancements that you could have applied to make your plane. Remember the terms we discussed ( Lift ,Roll ,Pitch,Thrust. ect....), there will be a quiz coming next week. 

For now, we are on to our next subject...

So let's take a more general look at transit, and in particular, how it can effect our Gwinnett County.

Within the next few years, the population of Gwinnett County will exceed 1,000,000 people. That’s a good news/bad news proposition.
On the one hand, people are moving to Gwinnett County because of the opportunity, vibrance and opportunity it presents.

On the other, increasing population translates to more traffic and road congestion.

Compared to other counties,  where infrastructure pre-existed or kept pace with population increases, Gwinnett County is at a bit of a disadvantage in dealing with traffic problems; its transition from a rural to suburban/urban area has been very rapid. Growth has outstripped the capacity of roads and highways and adding new roads or widening existing ones has become increasingly expensive, often to the point of being almost impossible.

The flip side of traffic problems is appreciating home values and wider entertainment, shopping and dining options. Higher population densities also tend to bring with them more educational and employment opportunities. In addition to a host of businesses that are now headquartered here, the county is also home to Georgia Gwinnett College.

Neither the college nor the business activity would have occurred a few years ago, when the county was largely a combination of rural and bedroom communities. People moved here for a variety of reasons, primary among them reasonably priced houses and a decent commute to work outside the county. It wasn’t until the population increased that local business activity began to rise. And each fueled the other—population increased business activity and business activity increased population. As a result, many of the once easy commutes have become longer and more frustrating.

Which brings us to your assignment:

How can we alleviate the headaches of today’s traffic and prepare for our future residents?

A regional transit transit system may be the answer.

Many factors need to be taken into account when designing a regional transit system. A new transit system design must take into account future population growth, the need for more environmentally friendly transportation options, the need to reduce reliance on imported fuels, and the cost of inefficient systems that result in traffic congestion leading to lost worker production

Your assignment is: you are engineer that works on transit solutions.

Your regional transit board has hired your company to design a map showing possible solutions for existing transportation problems. You have been chosen as a consultant because of your knowledge of mass transit systems (rail, bus) , alternative modes of transportation such as bicycle and walking, future systems like autonomous vehicles, and your expertise in geospatial technologies for forecasting and planning.

Your design must include new and or improved roadway routes, through fares, and high occupancy vehicle lanes. It also should have multiple options for mass transit as well as bicycle and pedestrian options.

The design choices should be based upon geospatial data or geographic information. Iit is the data or information that identifies the geographic location of features and boundaries on Earth, such as natural or constructed features, oceans, and more.

Spatial data is usually stored as coordinates and topology, and is data that can be mapped

Your company will present the transit design to the Regional Transit Board (the class). The presentation will include charts to display the data gathered from geospatial information systems, and maps that show the routes of the various transportation options

Feel free to use the links below to get you started!

February 27th, 2017

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Make sure your portfolio is up-to-date.
Things from 2nd semester that should be on it:

CDAT Project
$2 STEM -PUBLIX Makerfair project
Airplane Project

It will be graded for the end of the 9-week period (Friday, March 3rd!!)

We continue with aerodynamics this week.

Here is a video with some of the basic terms for powered flight

Aerodynamics - How airplanes fly, maneuver, and land - YouTube ‎[720p]‎.mp4

Pay close attention to the terms :


You will be required to know these terms and others for a future quiz...

This is a fun activity, but not child's play.....  

Even MIT holds a paper airplane event!!

WE will start the construction on our paper airplanes, one for distance, one for air time.... take this seriously, use the internet to search for different designs, test and re-test using the Engineering Design Process.

3rd class of the week, we will go to the aux gym to find out who can go the farthest and who can remain in the air the longest. 

There will also be points for originality, design, and air-worthiness.

You will only use glue, tape, paperclips, etc...... 

You will be limited to the paper I supply.  You may bring your own paper from home, with approval.



February 23rd

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Well, it appears that we are finally just about finished with the set construction for "Into the Woods".  

Look for the play to be performed the first few days of March.

Now, onto some fun stuff :)

Here to There_ An Animated History of Transportation

We are going to talk a little about Transportation and Engineering... How we got where we are and where transportation is going in the future.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, we will learn about them all.  How does a four-cylinder internal combustion engine work?  We'll find out.

There will be quizzes, there will be videos, there will be some competition, and there will be some power tools!

We will be busy as we head into the home stretch of the school year... just about 2 and a half months left.

Buckle up, Let's begin!!

The World's First Vehicles-the Technology Behind Ancient Transportation

January 27th-31st

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Hey everyone, I will be gone for a few days due to a family situation........

With that said, we will not be doing set construct as we had originally hoped, until Wednesday, February 1st.

In the meantime, we have a little project that should be fun for you !

First off, play this game  Fantastic Contraption

That's right, I'm asking you to play this game in class! Get those creative juices flowing!!!

Yes play this game, play it several times, compete with each other......... this is not Eggnog (and we better not see you playing that)

Once you got your fill, getting a feel for what makes a game that you actually want to's time for an actual assignment.

As some of you know, we are going to be having a Makerfest soon in downtown Sugar Hill.

What you need to do is come up with a STEM related activity (you are in the STEM program after all) that you could host at a booth in the city park.

Here are some parameters:

  • Not extremely messy, and NO GLITTER. It gets everywhere.

  • Your target demographic is 8- 13 years old

  • As we said before, must be STEM related with explanation of the STEM.

  • Your activity must be created from readily available products from Publix , one of our sponsors

  • You must have typed out, clear instructions on how to make/play you activity.  Remember, you are dealing with Elementary and Middle School students, every things needs to be spelled out clearly and properly.

  • And finally, your raw materials must not cost more than $2.00…...let me spell it out, NO MORE THAN TWO DOLLARS.

Use your Engineering Process…… explore, design, create, test, refine. Have others do your activity, and be receptive & responsive to feedback.

The best projects will be considered for actual use in the Sugar Hill Publix store and at the Maker Fest!!

You will present your activity/game to our liaison with Publix on MONDAY, Feb.13th. Be Prepared!!!!

January 23rd, 2017

posted Jan 22, 2017, 10:21 AM by Mr Becker

Hey everyone,

I'd like to just thank you all for the past couple weeks of set construction.  Your hard work has helped us remain on schedule, and it looks like our part may completed by next week.

With that said, we will take Monday (January 23rd) to size up where we are and what else we need to get the job done.  

That will be the plan for next week also.

In the meantime, here are some photos of you guys at work. 

Good Job!!

December 8th - End of Semester

posted Dec 8, 2016, 4:01 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 12:06 PM ]

Minecraft Civil Engineering


City Planning!

We will be using Minecraft as teams to compete in building Minecraft Towns!  It should have specific features, listed in the document below.  The document will be cleaned and updated, you will have approximately 3 full class periods to work on your towns.  Go!

On the student computers, run the Launcher

(S:\LanierHS_528\Student Work\Shared\teched\Culpepper


and choose 'Start MinecraftEdu', then connect from the 'Multiplayer' menu using the IP address provided by the teacher.    

You WILL respect other teams builds...Put enough space on the map between you and the other teams.  

ANY person found tampering with another teams build in ANY way will receive an F for themselves and team for the unit.

Minecraft Village Challenge

Must include:

  • 5 block min. bridge over creek/valley

  • road/walkway system

  • signs for almost everything

  • stores - food, clothing, tools, mining/materials

  • farming - both crop and cattle

  • crops, barn, house, fences around cattle, no fence necessary around crops

  • living spaces - standalone house, multifloor dwelling (apt, hotel), (needs to support 20 people)

  • housing specs - beds, bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, 5 block border around living space

  • What is a kitchen?  separate area with a crafting table and furnace

  • What is a bathroom?  separate area with a water cauldron and hopper

  • What is a bedroom?  separate area with a bed and window

  • lighting

  • town square/common area/park

  • directed water - get water to one central well

  • city hall

  • jail/police/fire

  • public transportation (minecarts?)

  • school/worship center

  • landfill/garbage area

We will look these over together after we are done with the finals and your input will help determine the final grades


posted Dec 7, 2016, 5:37 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated Dec 8, 2016, 5:15 AM ]

Your semester final in this class will be made up of 2 parts, both worth 10% each of your grade

1.     The quizzes we took during this semester will be combined into one test.  They will be the same exact questions.  
        The quizzes have been opened up on eClass for you to take as many times as you want for practice.  

        The actual test will be on the day your class is scheduled for a final.

2.     Your portfolio should be up to date and include the projects we have done this semester.  Below is the rubric to check what you have against what            is required.  Most of you have been pretty good at keeping them up to date, but be aware, I will not accept any changes after December 16th


Engineering Fall 2016 Final Portfolio Assignment

Due Date:  Dec. 16, absolutely no extension.

The goal: to create a finished website that will be your portfolio for all projects this past year, as well as a place for your future work.  It will not only host samples of each project, but it will also demonstrate the original principles of web design ( good color combinations, etc.) that we saw at the start of the year and we will review again to start this project.

This is your Performance Final, which means it is 10% of your average for the semester!

Technical Requirements:

  • **Note:  you do NOT have to use a template, in fact you probably should NOT use the CDAT templates.  Just have a website with your choice of colors, font, etc., to match the design you want.

  • A home page that welcomes the user to your portfolio, and summarizes your thoughts, reflections about your design and technology in general.  Also include any goals for yourself, and any way CDAT or your technology class has helped you towards those.  Include some type of graphic: a picture or artistic creation that represents you.

  • A page for each project you’ve done.  The page should include the following:

Grading (each shows the maximum points per part):

  • 10 points - Principles of design (C.A.R.P.)-see link above- and  good color scheme.

  • Home page

    • 5 points - Graphic

    • 5 points - Quality text about you, your CDAT and technology experience this semester, your reflections on design and technology and your goals (as mentioned above).

  • Each project page (we will review projects together to verify the list)

    • 2 points - Graphic

    • 6 points - Written Description of WHAT assignment was, WHAT you did to complete the assignment AND Personal Reflection

    • 2 points - Link to the project

  • Points will be deducted for poor spelling or grammar.

  • Points will be deducted for any use of materials you did not create and did not cite properly (put a website address of any pictures you “borrow”).


Most of you have already submitted a portfolio to start the year.  Before Dec.16, you should make this site “Public”.  You CAN build off of a previous portfolio!

Projects you should have on your portfolio:

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Storyboard Exercise

  • Your Autodesk Part (you should have saved this to your “H” drive)

  • Bridge Making and Bridge Engineering Report

  • Your theater Book and Tower designs

  • Minecraft Town

November 14th - November 18th

posted Nov 15, 2016, 6:29 AM by Mr Becker

WE are building set pieces for the Theater Department.

We will be building at least 4 set
 1) Bake Shop
 2) Fireplace Room
 3) Window Room
 4) Rapunzel Tower

All set pieces will be built on 4 by 8 ft flats and your design needs to fit in that parameter

We are going to treat this project as an actual job:  Your team will be pitching their designs against each other.

Your need to draw and correctly proportion each set piece.
You need to research materials (wood, fasteners) to use, and have precise quantities
You need to figure out labor, time and expenses.

We will decide on the best design and budget as a class and submit it to the Theater Dept. for their approval BY THANKSGIVING BREAK

Once approved, we will move forward with a construction plan

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