October 26th

posted Oct 25, 2017, 6:05 PM by Mr Becker

Keeping with our water theme, we now move on to a unit named:


SREB Project 1.1     Cleaning Up Our Water Supply

Answer the following questions into your Engineering notebook and be prepared to discuss in class


Quick Write: After waking up, you turn on the TV to find that your town is under a strict “boil water” alert. How would you adjust your morning routine? What would you not be able to do? Would you brush your teeth with the water? Would you shower in it? Would you drink it? Why or why not?


Watch the video “”Water and You: The Water Treatment Process.”


Also, watch this video on the water treatment system for Gwinnett County


There and Back Again: A Water Story


Individually, answer the following questions:


"Were you surprised by this video?"

"Do you think this is true here in our water?"

“What if our water was bad?”

"Does what we do to our water affect other parts of our state?"


Read this project description and follow the instructions below.



1.              Read the Project Description individually.

2.              You will receive two highlighters (two different colors) from your teacher.

3.              Use one color (specified by your teacher) to highlight unfamiliar words in the Project Description. Use the second color to highlight what you believe to be the most important sections of the Project Description.

4.              Compare and discuss your review of the Project Description within class. First, create a single list of unknown words. Discuss the definitions of these words first, and then, if a definition is still unknown, seek an online source (i.e., some words will be unknown by all students and need to be researched, while some words will not appear on all student lists, meaning that at least one student should be able to share the definition.)

5.              Conclude the discussion by sharing what you believe to be the most important sections.