November 7th, 2017

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I will be out the rest of the week do to some unforeseen family medical issues.
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Key Question: How do we turn our research and knowledge into solutions?



Task 1: Quick Write. You likely have seen several filtration systems. Do you favor chemical or mechanical systems, and why?


Task 2: Brainstorming. In teams, each team member uses a sticky note to describe/draw an idea for a filtration system.


Task 3: After reviewing the Design Brief Research Template as a team work together to use knowledge gained during the previous days to complete each section.


Task 4: Using the completed Design Brief Research Template, create a Design Brief for your team, using the format specified in the layout template




Key Question: What defines a successful prototype?



Task 1: In your teams, research all brainstormed ideas to determine their viability. Viable solutions are ones that can be accomplished in the time frame allotted and that meet criteria and constraints.


Task 2: As a team, review the activities for this project to decide what methodologies you can use to determine success. These methodologies are organized into Testing Protocols that can be used to create a Decision Matrix to choose between competing ideas for prototyping, and are used in the Evaluate category to test the prototype.


Task 3: Individually study the AC-Final Product Rubric  With your team, discuss how the Testing Protocol and the AC-Final Product Rubric might affect your design or brainstormed ideas for your prototype.


Task 4: As a team, discuss and complete the Decision Matrix to yield a single design idea as determined by the calculations and weights in the matrix


Task 5: Each team completes a Daily Reflection Sheet


Task 6: Homework. If your team identified any additional research or steps to complete before beginning the prototype, you should finish those for homework.