March 22nd, 2018 - Design Documentation finalized

posted Mar 20, 2018, 5:46 AM by Mr Becker   [ updated Apr 8, 2018, 9:42 AM ]
I will be at a conference at GA Tech for Thursday and Friday, March 22nd and 23rd.  Please be respectful of the substitute and work on these assignments. 

There will be consequences for causing issues!

KEY Question: How can the prototype’s Design Documentation be finalized?


Enabling Learning Activities:


Task 1:The Design Documentation handout is attached to this post. Carefully take part in a discussion in your group  to which the level of measurement precision is determined, using industry standards. 


Task 2: Your team finalize your prototype scale model’s Design Documentation by modifying your preliminary sketches and schematics and adding accurate measurements to the appropriate level of precision. Software may be used to document the design, eliminating the need for hand measurements. When you finish, exchange with a partner and do a peer review of each other’s Design Documentation.


If desired, you may refer to the following websites for assistance in developing your Design Documentation and Engineering Report:



Key Question: How can a Product Proposal Engineering Report be developed to persuade the U.S. Postal Service to approve each team’s Mail Delivery System for patrons with disabilities?


Enabling Learning Activities:


Task 1: Think/Pair/Share Activity. For two minutes, consider trying to sell your Mail Delivery System product, brainstorming its most positive features; then share with your team partners for three minutes, adding to and editing your list. Pay close attention to the class discussion about how to create the strongest argument for the USPS Product Proposal. Areas of focus may include: fairness and safety for people with disabilities, cost, ease of use, effectiveness, durability, environmental impact, aesthetics, personal situation, and other advantages.

Task 2: The Engineering Report Components and AC-Writing Rubric handouts are distributed and reviewed by your team. (See Resource Folder: Week 4/02EngineeringReportComponents. docx, and 03AC-WritingRubric.docx.) Ask your teacher any questions you have.


Task 3: Your team outlines a persuasive Product Proposal Engineering Report to the U.S. Postal Service. The proposal should explain the problem of patrons with disabilities receiving

street-side mail, propose the adoption of your Mail Delivery System as the solution, and ask for nationwide approval of your prototype. You will add your Design Documentation as an enclosure to the report.


Task 4: One member of your team acts as draftsperson and adds the required elements of an Engineering Report Outline into the Google Doc template in preparation for the technical content. The other team members brainstorm, discuss, and organize the content of their Engineering Report, providing evidence of the problem and offering strong reasons for their design solution.


Task 5: Team members each select one or more report section(s) to draft, and you write the content of your selected section(s). Add to the Engineering Report Google Document.


Task 6: Copies of the first draft are printed and given to each team member to edit. Read your team's report carefully, and annotate with comments and possible changes to the content, style, and language to increase its persuasive value. This may be continued for homework on Day 17 .


Task 7: With your team, reread the annotations of your persuasive Product Proposal Engineering Report first draft. Circle the three most important changes you would make and discuss this with your team. Create a "To Do" list of specific edits for your report.


Task 8: Each team's draftsperson revises and edits its Google Doc Engineering Report while team members offer suggestions and ensure the "To Do" list is followed. When the “To Do” list is completed, the draftsperson emails the second draft to all team members.


Task 9: Team members read the report one more time for logical structure, clarity, specific technical vocabulary, and grammatical correctness. Any suggested changes are made to create the Final Draft. Once all edits are complete, the draftsperson emails the Final Draft to all team members.

            Task 10: Homework: Create a bulleted list of the strongest points of your Engineering Report. These points are to be used in an upcoming debate in which your team will argue for the superiority of your design.