August 14 - 18th

posted Aug 15, 2017, 5:04 AM by Mr Becker
You should be finishing up your Adobe tutorials this week and feel somewhat comfortable with Photoshop and Premiere.

Now for the business side of things as we ramp up for the year……

We are going to try many creative things this year, and the goal is to have everyone at their pace, not following the same thing for all folks.  But, one thing that is so important is safety.  We have so many ways that bad things can happen, much more than a regular class.  We have tools, parts, sparks, fragments, and your safety is so important.

So, before we use tools, we need to make sure we have safety procedures, because you never know what could happen.  

For example, this girl never thought her hair would be an issue:

Part of safety is organization and clean up.  Leave a razor blade in the wrong place and blood is soon to follow!  We will place a priority on cleanup, as it's not only safe, but saves money! If you work for a company, every tool has it’s proper place!  

We will review safety and cleanup rules, and you will not be permitted to work with tools, equipment and materials until you pass a test on it.

Gwinnett County Safety Powerpoint

Hand and Powertool Safety


This is one reason we wear eye protection when using power tools.  This was last year in our machine room When Sparks Fly!!

You will be tested on the safety concepts, but we will review them again, and add some conditions.

Safety can also be a career! There is money to be made in keeping yourselves and others injury free

Industrial Safety Specialist

US Dept. of Labor  Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

and to lighten the mood, here’s a compilation of safety fails Home Improvement Safety Fails