October 30th

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Quick Write: Can building a levee taller stop a flood?


 Work as a team at one computer per team. Open this website. https://www.epa.gov/water-research/geoplatform-stormwater-bmp-performance-database-0


This site represents the EPA’s National Menu of Best Management Practices (BMPs) for protecting a post-construction urban area.


You can view other BMPs, but focus on post-construction BMPs since they address the most likely urban scenario of developed land and surrounding area. Recall the Project Description. As a team choose a method and fill out line one of the Best Management Practice Organizer.

 BMP Organizer

Return to previous webpage and examine other detention/retention methods.Fill in additional lines on the BMP Practice Organizer for each method.


Choose from the EPA detention/retention best management practices (BMPs), or use other sources to find information on the BMPs at other sites, possibly local county sites, if available. Remember this web page is a resource you can revisit throughout the project.


Use the Website Credibility Checklist to check each website you use.


UPDATE 11/2/2017

Water Area and Volume Video

Before beginning the lesson, complete this pre-assessment to assess your understanding of these standards so you know the areas where you need improvement.



Quick Write:


Any detention/retention BMP can be successful at relieving flooding and reduce pressure on levees, but how do you see the size of the stream (or section of the stream) impacting your BMP?


Read the EPA site regarding stream flow:



Key Question: How can we determine how much water is impacting each site?


Work in pairs to complete the activity outlined

Crosssection of a stream