February 12th, 2018

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By the end of this week, you should have a to scale rendering of your electrical generation device. 

Here is a brief from a team that already completed this challenge  Power to the Pedal

Remember to take copious notes ..... you will have to create a Technical Manual for others to build and utilize your device.

Use this to plan out your Tech Manual.... a hard copy is attached to this page.

Technical Manual Rubric


  • Technical Manual Planning Sheet

  • Technical Manual Rubric

  • Engineering Notebook  items (i.e. Daily Reflection Sheets, Project Calendar, Project Management Log, Gantt/Pert charts, sketches of prototype)

  • Team Performance Rubric

Description of Project:  To accompany your final prototype, your team will create a technical manual that adheres to the following guidelines.   This manual should be specific enough so that anyone who wants to operate your device could feasibly pick up your manual and be able to understand it.  

Your manual should include the following:

  • Headings and subheadings (or categories and subcategories) that refer to each individual section of the technical manual; everything should be adequately labeled.

  • A summary of the prototype you have developed and the purposes of the prototype should be available in the front of the technical manual.  Be specific here.

  • Accurately labeled charts, diagrams, sketches, and any other visual aids necessary for the readers of your technical manual to operate your prototype; SketchUp should be used to create your visual aids.

  • All necessary instructions should be written within the body of the technical manual, including (but not limited to) steps, procedures, troubleshooting, notes to the device operator, warnings, etc.  Instructions should use appropriate transitions.  

  • Overall organization of the manual itself should be logical, methodical, specific, and clear; your reader should be able to easily navigate your manual.

  • All sources involved in the creation of your technical manual should be published in a Resources section at the back of the manual itself; all sources should be cited using APA citation style.


Distinguished Level Performance

200 Points

Proficient Level Performance

150 Points

Basic Level Performance

100 Points

Unsatisfactory Level Performance

50 Points


 Summary/Description of Prototype

 The prototype is accurately described at the front of the technical manual in a proper summary.  The device is described in detail, especially in regard to its purpose.  





Illustrations/Visual aids

All necessary illustrations and visual aids are included in the technical manual.  Additionally, all necessary illustrations and visual aids are correctly labeled and their parts are easily identifiable.  The technical manual itself is attractive and has an attractive cover.


Grammar and Conventions


 The technical manual has been revised and edited to follow the rules of Standard English and is free of careless grammatical errors.  








A separate Resources section has been included in the back of the technical manual, citing all sources used in the creation of the prototype and/or the technical manual itself in APA format.  


The technical manual includes a table of contents, page numbers, and other components required for proper organization.  Transitions are used throughout the instructions to assist the reader navigate the manual.  

Technical Manual Planning 

These are the roles that must be distributed throughout your team in order to construct the technical manual; team members may be assigned more than one role:

Illustrations and Visual Aid Design

 Responsible for designing all illustrations and/or visual aids necessary for the technical manual
 Responsible for labeling all illustrations and/or visual aids by consulting with team members responsible for instructional design
 Will use Google SketchUp and/or similar programs to create digital designs for the technical manual

Instructional Design

 Responsible for writing all necessary instructions for the body of the technical manual, including (but not limited to) steps, procedures, troubleshooting, notes to the device operator, warnings, etc.
 Will refer to the contents of the team’s Design Portfolio (especially Reflection Sheets) to write clear and chronological instructions for the technical manual

Manual Construction and Organization

 Responsible for writing any portions of the manual necessary for organization, including (but not limited to) a table of contents, index, page numbers, etc.
 Responsible for combining all portions of the manual created by other team members to construct the manual itself


 Responsible for reviewing the ongoing work of each team member, ensuring that all aspects of the technical manual is clear and concise
 Responsible for communicating between team members during the manual construction process
 Responsible for revision of the technical manual’s rough draft and ensuring any necessary changes are made

Names of Team Member


Keep this sheet in your team’s Portfolio

1. What does your team need to include in its technical manual?

2. How will you organize your technical manual?

3. Which visual aids should you include in your technical manual? (diagrams, charts, etc.)

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