April 12th, 2018 - Crutch Week 1-2 Engineering Notebooks and Scientific Literature Comprehension

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This will probably take a couple class periods to complete.  
This is following the SREB process step by step so there are no "misunderstandings" and we have a successful project.

Complete the following instructions to begin your Engineering Notebooks:


1.       Begin by reviewing the Engineering Notebook Instructions and AC-Writing Rubric. These documents describe the items included in the Engineering Notebook as well as how your team’s Engineering Notebook is assessed.


2.      One of the initial items to be completed is the Know/Need-to-Know Chart. First, review the Project Description and the AC-Writing Rubric. These documents can help you connect your prior knowledge to the task at hand.


3.      Complete the Project Management Plan per instructions, which include the Project Management Log. If extra room is needed to describe activities, these are to be completed in a separate workspace.

4.   Complete the Team Contract.

Enabling Learning Activities:


Task 1: In teams, research reading scientific papers to explore methods of analyzing

 scientific texts. 

            A sample site is provided, although teams may find another site. 

            Sample Site:https://web.stanford.edu/~siegelr/readingsci.htm

Task 2: In your team, annotate the following articles:

             “Biomechanical Evaluation of Crutch Design Variations” 

             “CTRL – designing forearm crutch with improved user’s comfortand safety” 

             “The design of a compliant composite crutch” 


Read the articles individually, annotating each in the following manner:

             Circle unfamiliar words.

             Write questions that occur to you while reading.

             Make connections with information you already possess.

             Highlight ideas to explore further.

Task 3: In teams, use the “Reading Scientific Papers” graphic organizer 

(to support the utilization of the process of reading scientific texts) as you complete 

a deeper reading of the three articles annotated in Complete a “Reading 

Scientific Papers” organizer for each article.

Reading Scientific Papers Organizer



Task 4: Complete entries on the Source Table for each of the three articles. 

Source Table



Task 5: Begin your Vocabulary Log in your Engineering Notebook by reviewing 

the three articles and transferring the unfamiliar words you encountered into your 


Task 6: Using the Source Table, Website Credibility Checklist, and the 

Dependent Vocabulary list below, conduct preliminary research to locate 

additional sources, reading these sources to determine relevance and

usefulness to your project. 

Website Credibility Checklist


             Evaluate all web site sources, using the Web Site Credibility Checklist.

             Sources deemed relevant are to be entered on the Source Table.

             Select one source to begin reading (using the “Reading Scientific Papers” process if applicable).

             Take notes from this source in the Cornell Note-Taking Format. Cornell Note Taking


Dependent Vocabulary: 

    o      Ambulation

o       Aneurysm

o       Axillary

o       Axillary Crutch

o       Axillary Pad

o       Biomechanical

o       Canadian Crutches

o       Crutch

o       Crutch Palsy

o       Elbow Crutch

o       Forearm Crutches

o       Gait

o       Rocker-Bottom Crutches

o       Spring Loaded Crutches


Task 7: In project teams, develop preliminary research questions as you consider the following ones:


             What are our criteria and constraints for this project?

             What don’t we know yet?

             What things do we need to solve?

             How will we know when we are successful?



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